Sighting Map

Interesting in seeing where our banded birds turn up? Check out this sighting map and see what birds have been spotted in your neighborhood, your state, or anyplace in the world!

If you’re curious about the neighborhood where the gulls make their summer breeding homes, you may be interested in this map of Appledore Island, location of the Shoals Marine Laboratory.  The marine lab campus consists of student dormitories, a dining hall (Kiggins Commons), lecture halls and teaching laboratories (e.g., Palmer-Kinne, Laighton, Hamilton), as well as a dive locker for the underwater (SCUBA) course.  Gulls nest throughout the campus and along the network of trails and roads that traverse the island.  The densest nesting areas occur on the periphery of the island, especially on the East side.  The red numbers on the map refer to permanent transect sites that are part of the Appledore Island Transect Study, a project that has taken place for over 25 years!  We often refer to various locations on the island when we write about banded gulls.  Please refer to this map frequently in order to orient yourself.

SML map

Map by Dr. William (Willy) E. Bemis, director, Shoals Marine Laboratory