Report a Banded Gull

Thank you for participating in our long-term study of gulls on Appledore Island, Maine!

You can email  Mary Everett with sighting information, or you can report using our form and interactive map.

About our Bands

We started banding in 2004 to learn more about the behavior and ecology of Herring and Great Black-backed Gulls in the southern Gulf of Maine. Since 2004, we have banded thousands of birds. Sightings of banded birds contribute important information about survival, longevity, habitat use, movement, and population trends of these two common, but under-appreciated species.

There are many gull banding projects in the US, Canada, and Europe. Our particular project uses plastic leg bands with a combination of alphabetical and numerical characters on a colored background. We use these “field readable,” plastic bands in addition to metal bands given to us by the USGS Bird Banding Laboratory. Our bands are shown below.fig 1The code on the metal band is quite small and very difficult to read in the field without specialized optics.  Therefore, we use these custom-designed colored band with an alpha-numeric code that are relatively easy to read in the field for anyone with binoculars. We use black bands with white characters for Great Black-backed Gulls and green bands with white characters for Herring Gulls (see photos below).

Phil Brown photo of 4K9

Great Black-backed Gull with black band. Photo by Phil Brown.

Photo by Jon Woolf.

Herring Gull with green band. Photo by Jon Woolf.

When you see a marked gull, please take a digital photo of it if you can, and record the following information:

  • The date (exact)
  • Band color and alpha-numeric code (e.g., “green,” “X23”)
  • Location: Name of city, state, and brief description and name of specific location where gull was observed (e.g. rock jetty, on deck of boat, Daytona Shores Beach, etc)
  • Latitude and Longitude*
  • Notes – interesting behaviors of gull, any injuries, other observations

*When reporting a location, the more information the better. If possible, please include GPS coordinates; coordinates can be obtained from a GPS unit (like a smartphone) or by clicking a location on the interactive map at the “Report a Gull” tab. A written description of the location is also helpful.

Thank-you for your help!!

26 thoughts on “Report a Banded Gull

  1. I saw Z65 (green band) on a gull along the shore of Southampton’s Cooper’s Beach on the Atlantic Ocean on Long Island, NY, at 12:30 p.m. on September 6, 2015. This gull must have expensive taste! Sorry, didn’t have my camera or cellphone with me. Southampton’s location is 40.884N -72.39W.

  2. Sighted great black back gull 5T9 on 9/15/15 at Sand Point State Park, Plum Island, MA eating M&Ms from someone’s beach bag with other gulls. I collected and disposed of the candies.

  3. Saw a banded Herring Gull today – green band O77 – on the beach at the South end of Manasquan NJ. The full was medium sized and in good shape!

    Was walking the beach in my swimsuit, so no photo.

    Boot Seem

      X25 11/30/12 Little Estero Lagoon, Fort Myers Beach, FL Melissa B, Al M
      X25 12/16/12 Fort Myers Beach, Fort Myers, FL Diane P
      X25 12/22/12 Little Estero Critical Wildlife Area, Coconut, FL Hemant K
      X25 01/17/13 Bunche Beach, Cape Coral, FL Stuart M
      X25 01/24/13 Fort Myers Beach, Fort Myers, FL Pat G
      X25 04/12/13 Sanibel, FL Ferry O
      X25 01/07/15 Keyport, NJ Terry T
      X25 1/24/2016 Keyport waterfront, NJ John O
      X25 04/14/15 Keyport Marina, Keyport, NJ Breyanna H

      X25 is nearing maturity and is heading northward toward the nesting Island.
      As of today we have no record of X25 on Appledore Island since 2012 but this year or next X25 could be seen on Appledore with a nest.
      As always we depend upon reports from the public to track the movements of the ‘Gulls of Appledore’
      Bill Clark

  4. August 2, 2018 ~5:15pm
    K68 – green band
    Standing on the seawall at North Beach – Hampton, NH (end of 7th Street). Appeared to be searching for people food/scraps. Was within 10 feet of us as we ate our ice cream.

  5. Took photos of E2E and 9ET on 8/1/2018at about 4:00pm . They were on Sandy Point Beach Plum Island. They are huge and very healthy looking.

  6. Has anyone seen 56C during the 2018 summer/’fall seasons. He usually hangs at North Hampton Beach in NH. Have not seen him since the spring and am a bit concerned.

  7. I saw a black wing full on the bow of my boat offshore on February 5 the black band was 6p2 and also it had what looked like a black transmitter of some sort on his back but could only see it while his wings were open just curious on some feed back I’m a lobsterman I was 40 miles offshore nere Jeffery’s bank

  8. 06March2019
    Green Band 43C
    Salisbury State Park snow covered parking lot near the intersection of the Merrimack River and the Atlantic Ocean
    This Herring Gull was with a group of about 50 others resting on the snow covered parking lot

  9. I photographed a gull in Venice Italy with I.D. code OFKS. Any thoughts on who may be interested in this info?

  10. Photographed banded herring gull at North End of Hampton Beach where the seawall is When the photo was enlarged i could see the band number K30 . This was on June 7, 2019 at approximately 2:25 pm . Beautifully marked specimen .Weather was clear and around 75 degrees F. Took me by surprised that a seagull had been banded as i was unfamiliar with banding them.

  11. I saw a Great Black-backed Gull with several other GBBGs and Herring gulls on the southwest side of Sandy Point State Reservation today, 23 JUNE 2019. Back band with white code 2AK.

  12. Epping NH Market Basket parking lot 7/16/2019 … a gull with a green leg band. Appeared to be stressed panting ,very hot out about 3pm. . After shopping it was still there on top of a suv panting so I stopped and threw some bread and some frozen mangoes … ate the bread just mouthed the frozen mango and did not eat it … that is all I had for the birds. About 6 seagulls came and ate as well only one had a green leg band … sorry could not see the number

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