Surprises don’t fluster this gull

Dave Adrien, dogged and tireless gull spotter, often writes us with reports of not only the banded birds he’s seen, but what they get up to. Dave sent in this story from Plum Island in Massachusetts, and we knew it was a must-share with our fellow gull admirers. In Dave’s words and photos:

“As you know, 2E2 is a very adept camp raider – I’ve caught him in the act many times – but this one was priceless.

2E2 wanders up to this pile and starts to pick through it. See the striped beach blanket? Well, there is a woman under it. Don’t ask me why as it was probably 1000 sitting in the sun that day.


2E2 rummaging through the shrouded woman’s luncheon. 

She thinks her husband has come back and is looking for something. She throws the blanket back. 2E2 jumps a mile but never flies off.

Not sure who was more surprised: the woman under the towel, 2E2, or me.

Undeterred, 2E2 simply saunters down the beach…


…to the next victim.”


As always, we are grateful for reports, photos, and stories about the birds. Only with all these pieces can we begin to put together even a partial picture of what their lives are like. Keep the sightings coming, everyone!

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