Herring Gull Z00 in Fresh Plumage

DSC_6004 Herring Gull Z00 by Suzanne Sullivan Mar 16 2018Photo by Suzanne Sullivan. The photo was taken at Silver Lake in Wilmington, MA on March 16, 2018.

Z00 was banded at the North Head of Appledore Island, Maine while a nestling ready-to-fledge on July 16, 2013.  Justin Stilwell was the bander with support from the entire banding team.  Watching the teamwork of the ‘chick banding team’ is amazing; what a hard working group.  Justin is now “Dr. Justin Stilwell”, Veterinarian.

Suzanne’s report with the photo is the first ‘Off-Island’ report for Z00.


  • Banded as a chick                            7-16-13                 Appledore Island
  • Observed                                            6-01-16                 Appledore Island
  • Observed                                            8-20-16                 Appledore Island
  • Observed (possible nest)                 5-17-17                 Appledore Island
  • Observed (possible nest)*               7-14-17                 Appledore Island
  • Observed                                            3-16-18                 Silver Lake, Wilmington, MA

*’possible nest’ based upon two observations along Sirens Trail in 2017, a nesting area, and Z00 having reached four-years of age, the normal age for nesting.

The re-sight team will be looking for Z00 this nesting season on Appledore Island.

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