33E – Mate of U10 – Also in Fresh Plumage

DSC01887 Herring Gull 33E Claire Humphries-Sandy Point State Reservation- Mar 18 2018

Photo by Claire Humphries.  Herring Gull 33E was at Sandy Point State Reservation, MA on March 18, 2018.

33E was banded on Appledore Island in Maine May 26, 2016.  At the time of banding 33E was an adult gull, already a minimum of four years of age and possibly much older.

33E was the nest mate of U10 in 2015 when banded.   U10’s mate the prior year, 2015, was not banded and could have been 33E.  33E also nested with U10 in the subsequent years of 2016 and 2017.  The nest was not monitored in either 2015 or 2016 but two chicks were recorded in 2017.

Off-Island reports for 33E are from March 30, 2016 and March 23 2017.  Both reports are from the Sandy Point area and both mention U10 nearby.  Claire mentions when she took the photo in March 2018 that another banded gull was near 33E but the other gull slipped into the water before she could read the band; perhaps U10?

I am beginning to see a pattern in these March sightings.  The bond between U10 and 33E seems to be quite strong.  The banding and re-sights teams will be watching to see what happens this coming nesting season on Appledore Island.  As always, I wish we had more reports.

Thanks to Claire, Suzanne (see Z00 below) and the many persons, such as Dave Adrien (reporter par excellence), who contribute to this long-term project with their reports.






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