Valentine Greetings from 62H: “I love handouts.”

62H greets Lora at Birdseye Boat Ramp in Stafford, CT
Herring Gull 62H greets Lora at Birdseye Boat Ramp in Stafford, CT
Herring Gull 64H brought Valentine Day greetings to Lora R at Birdseye Boat Ramp in Stafford CT on February 14.  Or was this well-known Herring Gull simply engaging in a favorite routine of ‘hamming it up’ in hopes of a feed?

I liked Lora’s description of 62Hs approach: “I was quite surprised by a seagull who jumped on the hood of my car and stared at me seemingly unafraid. Usually the gulls just gather on the ground around the cars. I was so taken, I grabbed my cell phone and took the attached pictures. Then I noticed the band. It was almost like the bird was saying “Hey, you need to tell them where I am, look at me.”

Lora did a bit of searching and reported 62H. Each gull report is greatly appreciated so thanks to Lora for the photos and update on 62H from all the banders and researchers who work on this long-term research.

Results of a DNA sample from 62H indicate that the gull is a male.  He was banded as a chick, almost ready to fly, on Appledore Island July 17, 2015.  Since Herring Gulls require four years before they display full adult plumage the photos show that 62H is ‘on schedule’ starting to show adult-like plumage on the wings but retaining some juvenile plumage.

62H Lora R Birdseye Feb 2018 1

All reports of 62H received to date have been from the Birdseye Boat Ramp area.  Although the total number of reports is over 50 there are time gaps where 62H may have moved some distance.  Some young gulls disperse as far as Texas or Florida but for 62H the only reports are for Birdseye so far.

BAND From   Location Notes
62H 07/17/15 Herring Gull Banded as a chick on Appledore Island Nest 15H400                       DNA=male


Bill Clark, Volunteer, Gulls of Appledore



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