A Third Year Great Back-backed Gull Called 9AM – Photo by Brad Natti

9AM by Brad Natti Oct 9 2017

9AM (band number not the time) was banded on Appledore Island as a chick soon ready to fly July 16, 2015 by the banding team including Allie Nadler.  9AM has survived two winters and is starting to look somewhat adult in plumage.

Brad Natti often has gulls about his lobster boat and if he sees a banded gull he obtains a photo when possible and has provided ‘Gulls of Appledore’ with numerous off-shore sightings.

9AM’s October 9th report reads like this:   “MA state waters ~3 miles N of Halibut Point State Park. Was in large group of other gulls and sea birds ( shearwaters and fulmars), was very aggressive towards other gulls and hung out on boat and near boat for almost 12 hrs. over about 6 miles.”  by Brad Natti October 9, 2017

Thanks Brad for the many photos and reports.