Faithful K68 Greets the Rising Moon

Photo by Jill Young Oct 5 2017 at Horth Hamopton Beach NH

Photo of Herring Gull K68 is by Jill Young Oct 5, 2017 at North Hampton Beach in New Hampshire.

Herring Gull K68 was an adult gull when banded May 20, 2011 on Appledore Island in Maine as part of the ‘Gulls of Appledore’ long-term research effort. Most adult gulls banded on Appledore are banded in May at their nests. Both parents incubate and sometimes the banding team is able to band both. In this case with the mate wears band K65.
K68 is known to have nested every year since 2011 on Appledore Island except 2016.   K65 was the 2011 mate and was the 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2017 mate, no different mate has ever been noted for K68.
K68 seems to have a reputation for ‘friendliness’ cadging goodies from beach-goers at Hampton Beaches in New Hampshire.

By request, some more K68 history:

In 2012 both K68 and K65 are recorded as incubating at the same nest, 12H11.

In 2013 K65 is recorded at 13H4 with K68 as mate. The 2013 nest is in the same area as the 2011 nest.

In 2014 K65 is recorded as the mate at nest 14H305 in the same area as 2011, 2012, and 2013 nests.

Nest in 2015 was in the same area as prior years and K65 is listed as K68’s mate.  The nest number was 15H620.

In 2016 K68 was not observed on Appledore Island.  The three reports received for K68 during the 2016 nesting season were from Hampton Beach, May 24, July 15 and July 19.  The July 19 report remarks that the gull (K68) appeared healthy and “In fact he stole our lunch”.  K65 in 2016 was reported in the area of the nests from earlier years but no nest was reported.

2017 records both K68 and K65 at nest 17H15 in the ‘usual’ area.

Nests are assigned new numbers each year on the basis of the next unused number for the year thus the nest number depends upon the route of the survey team and does not relate to past years locations.

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