P90 Slowly Comes Home

In a sort of continuation of last week’s blog, today we will address the case of P90, a Herring Gull banded as a chick in 2009 at a nest site described as “Kiggins under the stairwell.”  (Kiggins being the Appledore dining commons.) P90 was seen later that year off island, in Rye New Hampshire, and then back at Kiggins for 2010, 2012, and 2013.

It was in 2014 that P90 was first attached to a nest of their own making, by the western edge of the lower deck at Kiggins. (Interesting to note that P90 was frequently seen on-island at Kiggins one day, then re-sighted off-island the next.) For 2014, P90 was paired up with mate U05, a Herring gull banded as an adult in 2014. Together, the pair fledged all three of their chicks! Pretty good run.

Apparently, P90 was satisfied with neither their location nor their mate, as the next year found them with 38E on a nest towards the opposite side of the deck – a fair bit closer to the 2009 natal site. Unfortunately, P90 and 38E had a failed nest for 2015. I feel it only fair to note that U05’s nest also failed for the 2015 season. This year, P90 has been attached to a nest, again with 38E. However, their nesting site is now directly under the stairwell of Kiggins. Finally, a return home!

The Gull Population Biology Interns wish the pair all the success in the world – sentiments that were difficult to properly convey to the pair while banding their three chicks. Strange.


P90’s nest sites. Estimated natal nest site is marked with an x.

These chicks are between 34 and 35 days old today, and very near fledging. Congrats, P90, and welcome home!


P90’s three chicks, inspecting the grease trap under Kiggins Commons.




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