A Tern Away From Gulls

In non-gull-related news, we gull population biology interns, joined by field ornithology intern Liam, took a journey last week to be a part of the tern census on White and Seavey islands. The team consisted of seabird technicians Abby Cramer & Elizabeth Ford, project manager Liz Craig, as well as Susi von Oettingen from US Fish and Wildlife, and Becky Suomala & Diane De Luca, both Senior Biologists with NH Audubon. (Becky also bands here on Appledore in the songbird station, and frequently re-sights our gulls, which we much appreciate!) An excellent team who proved very productive.


R to L: Becky Suomala, Abby Cramer, Susi von Oettingen, Elizabeth Ford, Taylor Ouellette, Diane De Luca, Mary Everett, & Liam Berigan. Not pictured: Liz Craig

We were able to census a large portion of Seavey Island, contributing to the total counts of:

Seavey Island: 2467 Common Terns

White Island: 276 Common Terns

Total: 2743

Of note, there were 3 Arctic Tern nests and 60 Roseate Tern nests as well! Very cool.

While there were no live gulls on White and Seavey, we did happen across the remains of one adult gull. One can only imagine what little chance it stood against those tenacious little terns! And no, it was not banded. While we did not get a photograph of that, intern Taylor snapped this shot of a tern chick and egg.


Like a tinier, sharper-beaked Herring Gull!

Thanks to the Tern Team for letting us join in on the fun!



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