Building the Blind, Changing the Appledore Skyline

It’s official: after a few days of hard work on the part of island engineers Zach and Kevin and gull banding intern Eric L., the blind is finished! After dinner on Sunday,  we hauled it out in pieces to Siren’s Cove and built it in place just in time to see how it looks at sunset.

The colony nests we will be monitoring are to the right and left of the blind and are perfectly seen from the lovely front and side windows (with convenient standing and kneeling windows across the front, as pictured in image 3).

When we returned to campus, we realized that we could clearly see the blind from the deck of Kiggins; amidst the gray, rocky promontory of the Appledore skyline is the angular habit of our blind, changing the skyline, even if just for a season. From our spot in the blind we will be able to monitor the tagged nests without being too conspicuous and alarming the nesting gulls. In essence, the blind lets us hide our scientific nosiness.

As the time for hatching and the arrival of chicks draws nearer, we will be watching and of course, reporting back here! Thanks for reading, and check back soon!

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