A Clam for U10 at Plum Island

U10 - 11-29-15

The photo of U10 was taken by Cindy Robinson Roper at Plum Island, MA on November 29, 2015.  Thanks to Jon Worthen for forwarding the photo and the sighting report.

U10 is an adult Herring Gull in winter (basic) plumage.  U10 was already an adult gull when banded May 27, 2014 at a nest on Appledore Island in Maine.  Since Herring Gulls do not reach adult plumage and nest until they are four years of age the minimum age for U10 in 2015 is five years.  The heavily streaked head is the winter plumage of a Herring Gull and the brown streaks will wear to a pure white head typical of Herring Gulls in the summer.

U10 returned to nest again in 2015 and frequents the Plum Island area.  Each observation is valued as a contribution to the research database, even reports two days in a row.

Hopefully U10 will again nest at Appledore in 2016.

Bill Clark

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