Thanks to All Our Many Reporters

Gull reports come in regularly from many birders and beach-walkers and as I went through some of the reports from past months the number of individuals that have taken the time to report a banded gull has been amazing.  Many send reports by email and others via the Blog. The list is quite long.

So today I will mention several persons who have furnished numerous reports over the years.

For several years Jon Worthen has kept an eye open for Herring Gulls and Great Black-backed Gulls around Hampton Beach, NH. Jon photographs the gulls and sends the photos along with the date and location of each sighting. Here is one of his photos of 44H, nearly four month old, a Herring Gull hatched in June 2015. The photo was taken by Jon at Hampton Beach on September 5, 2015.

44H by Jon Worthen Sep 5 2015

44H by Jon Worthen Sep 5 2015

Dave Adrien explores the beaches of Massachusetts and New Hampshire for banded gulls, shorebirds, and occasionally adds a species to his life list.  Dave’s special focus on ‘banded birds’ produces a treasure trove of photos and reports for ‘Gulls of Appledore’ as well as other research projects in Canada and the United States.

Dave has photographed and reported more than 450 banded birds to various research projects.  Of course, gulls banded on Appledore appear frequently in his camera lens and reports and photos from Dave arrive on almost a daily basis.  Here is a photo of Great Black-backed Gull 8AH, also about four months of age, taken by Dave September 30, 2015.

8AH by Dave Adrien Sept 30 2015

8AH by Dave Adrien Sept 30 2015

Another very regular reporter of banded gulls is Kathryn McLaughlin.  Kathryn enjoys walking at the beach on a daily basis and soon has a report of gulls she has seen that day zipping along the wires to add to the database.  Kathryn’s reports are providing a fine measure of gulls from a day to day basis.  Here is a photo of R47, one of the gulls reported by Kathryn, checking out the summer beach scene for goodies to appropriate.  The photo was taken by Stacy Coram July 27, 2015.

R47 by Stacy Coram July 27 2015

R47 by Stacy Coram July 27 2015

Gulls of Appledore receives reports from many, many people from Canada to Texas and Michigan.   The reports are all the very essence of the research.  The growing list of reports is exciting and provided the base for the many different research directions of this long-term project.

Thanks to all who take the time to say “I saw this banded gull today … “

Posted by Bill Clark


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