Every July, R92 like clockwork

Last month, Margo Goetschkes and Steve Grinley, gull-spotting enthusiasts, wrote to report a sighting of R92 on Plum Island in Massachusetts. Bill Clark dredged up the scoop on this bird from the gull database, and tells us that it was banded as a chick on July 18th, 2012. The next time it was seen, as it turns out, was by yours truly (guest blogger Sarah Courchesne)! I find this inordinately exciting. Here is the bird as it looked when I saw it in July 2013 on Salisbury Beach, Massachusetts:

R92 on the right, strutting sassily.

R92 on the right, strutting sassily.

Then, this July, as it was when Margo and Steve saw it:

Photo: M. Goetschkes/S. Grinley

We don’t have any wintertime sightings of this bird, but it seems to show some fidelity to this area in the summer, Salisbury Beach being just across the mouth of the Merrimack River from Plum Island. Hopefully, we will be seeing this bird back on Appledore to breed in another couple years, and possibly earlier than that to prospect and get beaten about by adult gulls.

We have another sighting to share as well: C17, dubbed in a previous post as “the local gull,” is proving the aptness of that title. This time, it was seen once again on Hampton Beach on July 12th by Michelle Brown. This bird was banded as a chick in 2005, making it nine years old now, and undoubtedly very savvy.

This bird looks extremely savvy, no? (Photo by M. Brown)

This bird looks extremely savvy, no? (Photo by M. Brown)

6 thoughts on “Every July, R92 like clockwork

  1. Hi again. Sorry to bother you, but I just saw this on YouTube tonight. Do you know anything about this fluffy youngster? I’m not sure what type of gull he is, but he has a ring on his leg.

    (video contains some bad language – it’s not my video!)

    Just thought that you might be interested, anyway…

  2. I find it very funny that these guys are so enraged by the adult gull, but they find this youngster just irresistibly adorable. The guys’ accents are English, so maybe a European banding program? Julie would perhaps know more about what her colleagues across the pond are up to.

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