We’ve made landfall on Appledore!

Sarah Courchesne here, updating you all this week. The gull banding and resighting team (May edition) arrived today and is now getting settled in. While out checking on F05, we encountered a dead bird that looked a bit different from the juvenile gulls to whose corpses we are fairly accustomed. Upon examining the bird, we determined that it was the mummified and skeletal remains of a Snowy Owl. The owls were seen hunting the island over the winter, and indeed, the muskrat population here has been decimated. Still, this owl met a bad end here somehow.

Later this week, we’ll have some actual gull related updates for you, but until then, here’s a pic of the owl we found today out among the Herring Gull nests. Another Snowy carcass was apparently spotted over on Smuttynose Island today too. What led to their demise? Much to my chagrin, there is nothing left to necropsy, so your guess is as good as mine.

Snowy Owl remains on Appledore.

Snowy Owl remains on Appledore.


3 thoughts on “We’ve made landfall on Appledore!

    • There aren’t many gulls here over the winter, and in a fight between the two, I’d put my money on the owl every time! Despite having been mauled by several Black Backeds myself…

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