An offshore gull, another NJ sighting, and some close-to-home

Keith Mueller, as you may recall, is an avid birder and incredibly talented artist.  He saw Y30, a young Herring Gull banded in July 2013, during a cod fishing trip off the coast of Rhode Island.  On October 3, Keith was on a boat on the southeast corner of Coxes Ledges, approx. 32 miles southeast of Point Judith, Rhode Island.  Y30 was in a flock of approximately 50 gulls that were attracted to a chumline Keith was running that was baited with catfood and beef suet (yum!) to attract Shearwaters and Fulmars.  He posted an account of the day, including beautiful photos of a variety of bird species, at his blog: New England Coastal Birds.

cox ledges, RI


Y30 looking for yummy chum. Photo by Keith Mueller


Nice leg shot of Y30 in flight. Photo by Keith Mueller


In late September 2013, V57 was observed in Rosenhayn, an unincorporated community located within Deerfield, New Jersey.  The bird was reported to the Bird Banding Lab and the “How Found Code” indicated that it was found injured.  I’ve contacted the observer and am hoping to get more details.  V57 has traveled a long distance for its short life:  it was banded as a chick in July 2012 and was seen at Brownsville Municipal Landfill in Texas in February 2013, then in at Reeds Beach in Burleigh, NJ in May 2013, and now at Rosenhayn.   I’ll post an update on the status of this bird as soon as I hear something back.

Jon Worthen had another productive day at Hampton Beach, NH in late September. I’ll just report on a few of the birds he saw.  Jon saw Herring Gull K50 who was banded as a chick in July 2010 and was subsequently observed at Hampton Beach in April, May, & Nov 2012.  It returned to Appledore for the first time since banding (as far as we know) this past summer.  This is the first mainland observation of the bird since the summer.


K50, photo by Jon Worthen


M37 in winter plumage. Photo by Jon Worthen

M37 also showed up at Hampton.  M37 was banded as an adult in May 2012, returned to Appledore during summer 2013, then was seen by Jon W in Jan & Sept 2013.


A first winter X65. Photo by Jon Worthen.

X65 was also at Hampton – this bird was banded as a chick in July 2013 and this is the first time it has been seen on the mainland.

Thanks to everyone for contributing to this week’s resight report!





















4 thoughts on “An offshore gull, another NJ sighting, and some close-to-home

  1. Hi, I live on Nortwood Lake in Northwood, N.H. There is a gull here that has a large thing[tag?] attached above it’s right wing. I was very curious if you had any info on it. Thanks! Rita Durkin

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