New Year’s Eve Sighting in Texas

Hello everyone! This is Simone, a vet student working for Dr. Ellis on the gull banding project. Unless specified otherwise I will be writing the blog posts from now on. Hope you enjoy!

On New Year’s Eve of 2012, we received an e-mail  with the western-most sightings in the history of the gull banding project! This came from Tripp Davenport, who spotted the Herring Gull (V66) on Mustang Island, Port Aransas, Texas located in Nueces County. He wrote that the bird was in the company of a large mixed gull flock resting on the beach, seemed healthy and active, and was more wary of humans than the other gulls present. He got some beautiful photos – including one of the bird feeding on discarded soup bones!

Photo Credit to Tripp Davenport

Photo Credit to Tripp Davenport

V66 Feeding on Scraps

V66 Feeding on Scraps – Photo Credit to Tripp Davenport

V66 was banded as a chick in July of 2012 on Appledore, and had only been spotted one other time in August on the same island. Since then, he or she has obviously traveled quite a bit. Driving, it would be approximately 2,127 miles to get from Appledore  to Mustang Island, and over 34 hours!

Distance from Appledore, ME to Mustang Island, TX

Distance from Appledore, ME to Mustang Island, TX

3 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve Sighting in Texas

  1. I just shared your website with someone yesturday who is also interested in the banded birds. What a coincidence that I would get your email today 🙂
    We were wondering if anyone has spotted “Phil” Green leg band L25 ? Last seen in August on Salisbury Beach, MA. Any help would be appreciated ! Happy blogging. I will keep checking back !

    Jeanene & Jeffrey

  2. Hi Jeanene – thanks for following our blog. Unfortunately L25 has not been spotted since your sighting last August. Hopefully “Phil” will show up on Appledore this spring!

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