Great Black-backed Gull 2E2: red in beak and nail

This week’s gory gull resight comes from Jeannine Parvin, Database Administrator for, a web-based data management system for reporting sightings of marked shorebirds.  Jeannine received a report and photo of 2E2 and forwarded it along to me.   Jeffrey Offermann and Ryan Schain sent the report to Jeannine on April 21, 2012.

A postprandial 2E2. Photo by Jeffrey Offermann

Jeffrey and Ryan encountered 2E2 while it was feeding on a young Harbor Seal washed up at Sandy Point State Reservation, on Plum Island, Massachusetts.  2E2 was first banded on Appledore as an adult in 2006.  This bird was observed again on Appledore during the breeding season in 2007, 2010, and 2011.  It was also resighted at various locations on Plum Island in September and October of 2008, and December 2010.  2E2 appears to be drawn to Plum Island as an overwintering site; this is completely understandable as Plum Island is gorgeous.  In a previous resight at Plum Island, 2E2 was observed gorging itself on skates.  Seems that the plentiful foraging opportunities (in addition to the spectacular views) are a draw for this gull.

Thanks to Jeannine for forwarding this interesting report!

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