Keith Mueller: larophile, natural historian, and artist

Keith Mueller, artist and natural historian, has reported observations of Appledore gulls a few times, with his most recent resights in Hampton, NH.  Here, I’ll review first Keith’s gull resights then highlight his beautiful art work.

Keith saw five Appledore gulls (K68, C45, K65, P02, T20) at Hampton Beach on March 5, 2012. C45, who was banded as a chick in 2005, has been resighted several times at Jenness Beach, NH and has returned to Appledore to nest each of the past three years.

High-stepping C45 in breeding plumage. Photo by Keith Mueller

K68, as you may recall, is the Herring Gull with a mass protruding from underneath its bill.  K68 was also resighted by Jon Worthen in February at Hampton Beach.  K65 was banded by our own Dr. Sarah Courchesne DVM as an adult (both the gull and Sarah were adults during the banding)  in May 2011 and this is its first resighting off the island.

A wrinkly foot of K65. Photo by Keith Mueller.

T20 was also observed by Jon Worthen at Hampton Beach in September 2011.  T20 was banded as a chick near the radar tower on Appledore in July 2010.  This is its second off-island resight.  This bird seems to like Hampton, NH!

A wonderful action shot of T20 by Keith Mueller.

And, last but not least, P02.  P02 was banded as a chick in July 2010 and this is its first resight off the island.

P02 telling a nearby Ring-billed Gull who's boss..apparently, with his mouth full. How uncouth. Photo by Keith Mueller.

Not only is Keith a proficient gull sighter, he also blogs (though, he says he’s not a “blogger”) and he has been a professional avian artist/sculptor for over thirty-five years!  Keith and his collaborator, Tom Robben, created a blog called New England Coastal Birds, which is chock full of birding trip reports and wonderful photos of our local coastal avifauna.  Keith describes the blog:

This is a blog to expand your birding experiences through our coastal trip reports and photos, focusing on the birds and their environment with a hint of artistic inspiration, and having a bit of fun!

You’ll be pleased to note, as I was, that there are frequent postings about gulls!  In fact, the most recent post on April 9, features flocks of Bonaparte’s Gulls and gorgeous photos of a Lesser Black-backed Gull.  Keith also creates some incredible sculptures of birds, which can be viewed at his site, the Art of Keith Mueller.  Here is an example of his mind-blowing work:

Chuck-wills-Widow (miniature). By Keith Mueller.

Thanks to Keith for his Appledore gull resights and his passion for birds and nature!

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