Weather continues to thwart banding efforts.

Cassie and Justin look on from a safe distance as Rob risks his life to GPS a nest.

Sarah Courchesne, here again, with the latest from Appledore Island. Yesterday, this crack team of gull wranglers seized a very brief break in the weather to get out and band some gulls. We got our hands on about 12 birds before the temperature started dropping again and the wind kicked up. But the well rested crew worked hard for that brief time. Team member Justin Stilwell had to dive into the frigid Atlantic when a gull in a trap rolled into the water. Justin, not at all concerned for his own safety, nor that of his only pair of boots, emerged soaked, but with the gull safely in hand. Our young minion, Cassie Biron, was fully initiated yesterday, suffering her first high altitude defecation strike. She has now been bitten, hit on the head, and pooped on: the gull wrangler’s trifecta.

We also headed out to check on the LBBG, who was seen copulating with an unknown lady love. The endeavor seemed reasonably successful, though the female looked a bit unsteady about the whole thing. We wish them great success, and will attempt to band her tomorrow, weather permitting.

This morning, the gull team is in low spirits, having just seen off two team members; Rob Crooks and Tracy Holmes boarded the Kingsbury today for the trip back to the mainland and points south. We thank them for their service, and for all the memories.

The motley crew assembled: from left, Rob Crooks, Bill Clark, Tracy Holmes, Cassie Biron, Justin Stilwell. In back: fog.

Today, we’re waiting out another band of nasty weather and hoping we can at least get out and look for banded gulls, even if it remains too cold and wet to actually catch and band any.

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