OK9 sighting in Gloucester, MA

Hello devotees of Julie’s gull blog; guest blogger, Sarah Courchesne, here. Julie has, as usual, taken on a remarkable number of projects, and with summer being the height of her field research, she has also been assisting her summer students on their work, keeping the SEANET project afloat (shameless plug for the SEANET blog here), chairing a symposium at the 1st World Seabird Conference in Canada, and juggling innumerable other items. But the gull sightings keep coming, so your guest blogger will be helping Julie out for a bit.

The robust and healthy looking OK9 on a Gloucester dock (photo by J. Ciaramitaro)

This latest sighting comes from Gloucesterman Joey Ciaramitaro via his blog, GoodMorningGloucester. Joey is a prolific blogger, and you can see his post on this gull specifically here, but I encourage you to check out all of Joey’s latest musings. Gloucester being an active fishing port and thus a popular gull hangout, we expect to hear of more banded gulls from Joey in the future.

OK9 is a juvenile Great Black-Backed Gull which was banded as a chick on July 15th of this year at its nest on Appledore Island. The bird appears to be in good health, looking sleek of feather and with a bright, inquisitive eye, as all gulls should.

Thank you to Joey for the report, and we look forward to more gull news out of Gloucester!

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