LBBG’s former mate observed…the plot thickens

Well, well, well…..the former mate of the LBBG, “F01”, was observed this week at a beach in Rye, NH.

Wayward former mate of LBBG, F01

Kathy Abbott, who has recorded banded gulls at Jenness Beach, NH for several years now, saw F01 on Monday.

In light of this unexpected turn of events, there are many burning questions:  did F01 breed this year, and if so, where and with whom??  Did she call it quits with LBBG or did he?  Will she try again with the LBBG next year or has she found another?  Why would a Herring Gull pick a LBBG in the first place?  Just too few male HERGs?

I just hope she and the LBBG don’t have an awkward encounter at Jenness this Fall….”soooo…. [cough-cough]….have a good summer?”

The bottom line is:  keep reporting those banded gulls!  You never know what kind of “drama” you may uncover…..

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