Angry bowling pin…..or hungry Herring Gull?

Herring Gull, “C01” was observed on February 12th at Ogunquit Beach in Ogunquit, Maine.  Dave Hamlin and his wife are residents of Maine and visit beautiful Ogunquit on a regular basis.  On the 12th, Dave’s wife was feeding gulls at the beach when they noticed C01 in the crowd.

"HEY! Got any more scraps?!" Photo by D. Hamlin

C01 was banded as a chick in July 2005 near Hamilton, a building at the center of the Shoals Marine Lab campus.   The bird was subsequently observed by Kathy Abbott in August 2005 at Jenness State Beach (Rye, NH).  Kathy has recorded her observations of banded gulls at Jenness Beach every year since 2005 and has contributed literally hundreds of records to the project.   Kathy is awesome!  Incidentally, I’ll be adding a tab to the blog that describes the team of folks who have helped (and some who are still helping) with the Appledore gull banding project. I’ll be sure to include some incriminating photos (that includes you Rob!), so stay tuned….

C01 was not observed again until it returned to Appledore Island in May 2008  where it was seen standing on the roof of one of the teaching labs; it was  observed atop a campus building again in July 2009.  This gull is now an adult and may begin breeding this summer.

Thanks for the report and great photo Dave!

2 thoughts on “Angry bowling pin…..or hungry Herring Gull?

  1. Hi Julie, Had another sighting today, Saturday, July 10th. of a gull with a tag. This one I think reads H26 and is not shy about taking food at all. Again, this was at Ogunquit Beach where we stopped so my wife could feed the gulls. e-mail address is on my other computer so I am not able to send the photo until you answer this posting.

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