LBBG returns to Florida for the winter!

Another reason to go to the Space Coast Birding Festival – you might see the Appledore Lesser Black-backed Gull!   Michael Brothers, who saw the LBBG last January, says the bird has returned to spend another vacation in Florida.

LBBG at the beach in Florida. Photo by Michael Brothers

Last Saturday, January 2, Michael spotted the LBBG on the beach at the north jetty of Ponce de Leon Inlet, Volusia County, FL.   He found it again on January 6 back at Daytona Beach Shores where he observed it last January.

We generally do not see adult Herring Gulls or Great Black-backed Gulls as far south as Florida during the winter.   They tend to stay in the Northeast near the breeding island.  In comparison, Lesser Black-backed Gulls in Europe and elsewhere disperse much longer distances from breeding islands during the winter.   “Our” LBBG is, therefore, behaving like a typical Lesser Black-backed Gull.

Thanks for the report and excellent photos Michael!

4 thoughts on “LBBG returns to Florida for the winter!

  1. That is great! I am happy to hear he made back to Florida safely. Very nice picture. I hope I see him back in New Hampshire next summer!

  2. 22 January 2010
    1257 hours
    ocean parking lot, Salisbury Beach State Reservation, Salisbury, Massachusetts
    adult Herring Gull
    green band left leg, C71
    USGS/USFWS band right leg, unreadable

    • Hi Steve! Thanks for the report – C71 seems to hang out at Salisbury Beach every winter! There is a post on Oct. 20 with an observation and photo of C71. Keep the reports coming!

      Best wishes, julie

  3. Very nice shot , with the recovery band. I spotted LBG today in Sweden as well. ( You can see them at my blog).

    All the best!

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